What are the best value money travel cards to have when travelling abroad?

revoult, monzo and Metro bank logos

One of the most important things when travelling is how to access your money around the world safely, securely and most importantly with ease. Long gone is the need to just to take your bank card, as the fees will still make you weep! However there seems to be a new stream of cards making things a little bit simple and best of all not all that confusing bank tank. These are the cards that are well worth your time!

Revolut – This company only launched in July 2015 and has skyrocketed since then, I was an early adopter of the card and ordered one not long after it’s launch. It was going to be a just in case back up card, then I realised how much money it would save me and ended up being the most card in my wallet. The card works with the Revolut app, so you can effortlessly move money from my bank account to the card and vice virus. It’s simple to disable the card if you loss and then enable it later if you find it, you can set monthly spending limits and it can break down the spending of you between categories, merchants and even country. So it’s perfect to keep track of your spending, if you are lazy like me and don’t bother writing it all down.

Monzo – This is similar card to Revolut and it’s taking the world by storm, I had to wait over a week to just be able to order a card as the demand is so popular. Monzo again uses an app to move money from your bank account to the card, it requires a £100 top up before they send out the card but of course you can move it back after you receive the card. It’s taking on the old fashions banks with Monzo you get instant spending notifications, add receipts of purchases to keep track and mange your budget. The best thing is they do not charge a setup or usage fee and there are zero charges for spending abroad!

Metro Bank – If you are travelling around Europe this card is perfect for you, as they do not no card transaction fees in European countries. However outside of Europe this not the case, and you will be charged a transaction fee of 2.50% which is going to rise to  2.75% on 23 August 2017 plus a non-sterling cash fee of £1.50.


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