The best iPhone/Android apps you need when travelling India

I spent three amazing months exploring both North and South India, and I found some pretty handy apps to make my trip more enjoyable, easier and certainly saved me money! Here is a list of my favourites!

redBus– This is an online bus ticket booking platform and is the country’s premier bus service operating across tourist friendly destinations. The app is super easy to use and perfect to use instead of getting involved with rip off tourist offices. Also now several bus operators now support e-tickets on your smartphone, and with time this should keep increasing to more operators allowing this.

iPhone | Android

Uber / Ola Cabs – There are quite a few options to get a ride around India, I used both Uber and Ola cars and found them both easy and simple to use. Uber works in most major cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc however it does not work in every city I visited. Ola is a competitor to Uber and offers a similar experience on the app and on the price front.

Uber iPhone | Uber Android

Ola Cabs iPhoneOla Cabs Android

Make My Trip – This app offers flights, bus and train tickets. On the flight booking front the app does a much better job of tracking localised discounts than other flight comparison sites. I didn’t realise until later on you can actually book bus and train tickets I didn’t try it but its good to know that option is also available.

iPhone | Android – This app is a lifesaver when travelling India, as the maps work offline as you cannot always get a data signal on the road. I found it especially useful when on the trains to work out where I was, and whether or not I’d missed my spot. Just note this only works if you download the region of India are you in currently in before hand, I found it easier to download the whole of India so I did not have to worry about it.

iPhone | Android

Indian Railway IRCTC PNR Status – Perfect for booking trains in India, also gives information on current availabilities, schedules and lots of other info. I wish I had known about this app when I first arrived, as I got mislead by a group of men who told me the ticket office was closed and I ended up paying a fortune in a rip off tourist office in Delhi. This app is also better reviewed than the official IRCTC app.

iPhone | Android

Just dail – It allows you to discover all the local businesses/services in your area, this is perfect as I use to spend ages hunting around for certain shops so this will save you time and hassle. Perfect if you need the pharmacy, trying to recharge your phone or most importantly finding the nearest bar. This local directionally works in most major cities in India.

iPhone | Android



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