Best and cheapest place to learn to surf on the East Coast of Australia

Many of us alike have dreams of learning to surf when we arrive in Australia with it’s 10,685 beaches you are guaranteed to find somewhere awesome to ride the waves!

Unfortunately after arriving in Sydney, Australia and travelling up the East Coast I was taken back by the prices companies were charging for a surf lesson. However whilst I was in Bundaberg I got a tip off from some Dutch backpackers about this magically placed 70km north called Agnes Water! Where you could learn to surf for really cheap, so with this in mind my friend and I headed there a few days later and were not disappointed.  Soon after arriving we saw signs which said $20 (Australian Dollars) for 3-4 hour lesson, so we knew we were in the right place.

I got chatting to a friendly British backpacker who was working at one of the hostels nearby and he recommended Gnarly Tours! It was run by this really nice Australian guy called Lorenzo. So later that day I rang up and spoke with Lorenzo and booked a lesson for the next day he even offered to pick my friend and I up from our camp site. At 6am he picked us up with loads of surf boards in a trailer, and we jumped in the back of the 4×4 we some other backpackers.

We got to this beach and were given rash vests each and of course a surfboard each! We first started learning these simple surfing techniques and Lorenzo made it loads of fun.  Then we had the option of joining Lorenzo  in the water and helping us ride are first wave, or for the more experienced you could just surf on your own. After a few attempts I got the hang of it, and I was not too bad I even managed to stand up a few times. There was also a GoPro which kept being circulated around the group so everyone got some sweet pictures to take away with them.  Overall the atmosphere was super relaxed, and you could do whatever you wanted like just chill on the beach as surfing is knackering. My group was roughly 19-20 people, although Lorenzo had a few people helping him out with the group. The beach was huge,  so there was loads of room and you do not have to worry about crashing into anyone. Apparently the groups were normally a lot smaller I guess it depends on the season. Some people in the group already had been on a few lessons the previous days and were coming back for more!

The lesson cost $20 each for 3/4 hours, Lorenzo also offers 3 lessons for $50! I would recommend doing more than one lesson if you have the time. So if gives you time to find your confidence on the board and most importantly get some killer GoPro shots.

Gnarly tours offers;

  • Small groups
  • Free photos
  • 3/4 hour lessons
  • Best beaches

So there you have it, head to Agnes Water if you want somewhere affordable to learn to surf. There are also other teachers operating in the area, but for more locals feel I highly recommend Gnarly.

Enjoy riding the waves 🙂





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