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Since I can remember I’ve always had a passion for travelling, it was mostly down to my parents who always wanted to escape the awful British Summer weather to somewhere hot and sunny for our annual holiday.

After finishing secondary school, and then passing my A Levels at a Sixth Form College, and finding out my brother and I were no longer invited on holidays abroad with them haha. That very summer I made the decision not to go to University, as I honestly didn’t have a clue what to study. Then I realised at that point with a slight grin on my face, just small enough my Mum wouldn’t see, that was it no more studying and best of all no more homework whoopee! So I spent the rest of the Summer getting rather jolly in my local town centre after turning 18 years old. Then all of a Sudden all my friends disappeared to embark on there first year at University, see you again at Christmas Ed they said 😦

So I picked myself up and updated my resume and started applying for jobs, after a few weeks I managed to get an interview at a retail company for a job on the IT team as an E-Commerce assistant and to my surprise somehow landed the job. I really got into the job and quite liked the 95% girls ratio, especially after spending five years growing up at an all boys school (cheers Mum).

After a year into the job I realised I wanted to go travelling and set my sights on heading to Canada for a working holiday, I was keen to do a ski season and more importantly see my favourite animal of all the grizzy bear with my own eyes. I saved up all my money for months, waiting for the gates to open but unfortunately after many attempts I didn’t get a place and ended up roughly number 5,000 on the waiting list for a Visa! I was gutted and thought there was no way I would get a place, but I still waited in hope for months on end. However still no news from Canada, so I decided on the backpacker favourite Australia with it’s 10,685 beaches, surfers paradise and of course skippy the kangaroo. I managed to get a place within minutes, and I had a year to go there to start the visa. But to be me flying straight there was too easy, I had to experience something different to the usual Western way of life so I booked a one way ticket to India. Yes!!! I’ve always been fascinated with the place especially after watching the movie Slumdog Millionaire. It came the day I handed in my notice after almost 3 years at my first ever job and then realised the adventure was really about to begin. Two months later after just turning 21 years old, I was saying goodbye to my friends and family with no idea for how long I would be away for.

I got on the plane in the evening at Heathrow International airport with a one way ticket to Delhi, India, more nervous than anything. After taking my seat it hit me what I was actually doing, going to a foreign land completely on my own for the first time, no plans, nothing booked apart from a few nights accommodation at a hotel.

Little did I know it would be the best 20 months of my life…

I hope this website will be a useful resource for your exciting adventures ahead.

Thanks for reading!

Ed 🙂